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Kevin English Ruby on Rails Freelancer

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Kevin English Javascript

Full-stack development

Working with Ruby on Rails since 2007 and coding Javascript for 10,000+ hours, Kevin delivers high caliber web applications for clients worldwide.

Kevin English Ruby

Solid Experience

San Diego based with no outsourcing, you can work with a senior developer you can trust. Kevin is truly talented and delivers quality work.

Kevin English Coffeescript

Recommended by Many

Kevin understands the importance of communication in the development process, and has the testimonials to back it up.

Kevin English - Ruby Freelancer Kevin helped us transform our site by implementing key SEO changes. He collaborated closely with our designer to implement a new, responsive layout and implemented ElasticSearch. Kevin played a lead role integrating with other business partners, helping automate a large portion of our work. We’d gladly work with Kevin again and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated, top notch Full Stack developer. Kevin English - Ruby Freelancer

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Andy Reilly

About Kevin English

Who is Kevin English?

The man behind Monk Seal Software is Kevin English. Kevin has over 10 years experience working in the trenches with Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, Elixir, and Javascript.

Notable projects include creating home page of Appthority using LocomotiveCMS, developing a Fraud Management System and Player Support Tool for Riot Games, building multiple robust API for Janssen Healthcare Innovations, performing a massive data migration for . . and more.

Though currently based in San Diego, California, Kevin is a disciplined remote worker, capable of helping clients worldwide. Kevin is active locally in both SanDiego.js and SDRuby.

Kevin earned his MS in Computer Science at University of Hawaii. While in Hawaii, Kevin also taught Ruby on Rails at The Pacific New Media Center.

Around the web

Kevin’s specialty is Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Phoenix, Elixir and Coffeescript. In the world of Javascript, he has more familiarity with React.js and Backbone.js/Marionette.

Kevin English - Ruby Freelancer Kevin English developed an internal product using Ruby on Rails and Javascript that yielded amazing results. Kevin kept our goals top of mind while working on our project. His contribution helped us meet our goal of expanding renewable energy production and local food production in Hawaii. Kevin is self-directed, ambitious, and a pleasure to work with. Kevin English - Ruby Freelancer

Kevin English - Ruby Freelancer
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